New Samsung Galaxy S22 launched in three editions

Samsung has just presented three new mobiles following the motto wild, wilder and wildest.

Published 2022-02-09 - 4:00 pm

Before the coronas pandemic, it was always one of the biggest events with thousands of invited guests from the electronics and media industries, among others, when Samsung launched new smartphones in the Galaxy S flagship series under the name Galaxy Unpacked.

But today, for the second time in a row, we had to settle for a purely virtual experience as Samsung showcased this year’s new models in the popular Galaxy S series – namely the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy s22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

You can read all about the latter, absolute top model here, while this article is about the other two models, which at first glance look completely identical to their predecessors from 2021 – Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+!

We’re thinking in particular of the back of the phone, with its seamlessly integrated camera flush with the metal frame that surrounds the body of the phone.

On the other hand, both models come with completely flat screens, where last year’s Galaxy S models all had the more curved so-called Egde screen.

Both the screen and the back of the phone are protected by Gorilla Glass Victus+, while the rest of the phone’s body is made of so-called armor aluminum.

Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ differ

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the smallest of the three new models and comes with a 6.1″ screen, while the Galaxy S22+ has 6.6″ to make do with.

On the Galaxy S22, the maximum brightness of the screen is 1300 nits (peak brightness), while the Galaxy S22+, just like the top model S22 Ultra, can reach as much as 1750 nits. This is a slight improvement on last year, when the S21 and S21+ both had lower brightness than the S21 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 comes with Wi-Fi 6, but Wi-Fi 6E is something only the Galaxy S22+ can handle.

Translated with (free version)

Of course, the Galaxy S22 measures and weighs slightly less than the Galaxy S22+ (70.6 x 146 x 7m6 mm and 168 g vs. 75.8 x 157.4 x 7.6 mm and 196 g), just as the battery in the Galaxy S22 has to make do with 3700 mAh, while the Galaxy S22+ offers 4500 mAh. (Photo: Samsung)

Otherwise, there’s not much else that separates the two “smaller” S22 models. Of course, the Galaxy S22 measures and weighs slightly less than the Galaxy S22+ (70.6 x 146 x 7m6 mm and 168 g vs. 75.8 x 157.4 x 7.6 mm and 196 g), just as the battery of the Galaxy S22 has to make do with 3700 mAh, while the Galaxy S22+ offers 4500 mAh.

Last but not least, the Galaxy S22+ supports fast charging up to 45 W, while the regular Galaxy S22 can only handle 25 W. Both phones can be charged wirelessly up to 15 W.

How much the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ have in common

All other specifications are also common to both phones.

They both come with Samsung’s own 4nm Exynos 2200 processor, and they both come in two different configurations, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage, or 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Despite the different screen sizes, the two handsets have the same resolution – namely FHD+ – and the screen type is also the same. Both handsets have Dynamic AMOLED 2X displays with a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

The phones come in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold. (Photo: Samsung)

The display also comes with Samsung’s new AI-powered so-called Vision Booster technology, which aims to give users the best possible screen experience when you’re out and about and the sun is shining.

The technology increases the brightness of the screen exactly where it’s needed, when ambient light can make details and contrast on the screen hard to see.

Both phones run Android 12 and Samsung’s own One UI 4.1 interface, and of course support 5G and Bluetooth 5.2.

Last but not least, the two models have exactly the same camera module with 12MP ultra-wide angle (f/2.2), 50MP regular wide angle (f/1.8 with optical image stabilization) and 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom. The front camera is 10MP (f/2.2).

Price and availability

Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ will be available in stores from 25th February. The phones come in the colours Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold.

In the configuration with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB built-in storage respectively, the S22 and S22+ cost EUR 849 and EUR 1,049.


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