Totally flat phantom speakers from DALI

The DALI Phantom K-60 LP in-wall speakers require virtually no installation recess.

Published 2022-11-20 - 10:00 am

If you want sound that can’t be seen or doesn’t take up space, in-ceiling or in-wall speakers can be the solution. And of course they’re ideal for height channels in the home cinema. But space above the ceiling is often limited.

The DALI Phantom K-60 LP is a built-in speaker for installations where installation depth is minimal. The circular speakers require only 3.8 centimetres in depth and they do not need a “backbox” – i.e. a cabinet to be mounted behind.

(Photo: DALI)

The speaker, which measures 22 centimetres in diameter, is a two-way construction, consisting of a 25 mm dome tweeter and a 6″ midwoofer unit with aluminium diaphragm. To make the design as low-profile as possible, the magnet system and voice coil on the midwoofer are located in the centre of the cone rather than behind it.

To limit the depth of the unit, the magnet and voice coil are mounted in the centre of the woofer diaphragm instead of behind. (Photo: DALI)

DALI promises that despite the almost non-existent cabinet volume, the Phantom K-60 LP has a reproduction “that can match or surpass traditional in-wall speakers.”

CEO Lars Worre of DALI explains to L&B Tech Reviews that the entire Phantom K-60 LP is designed and manufactured in-house by DALI. Which is not usual for such cheap in-wall speakers.

We actually asked around to OEM subcontractors, but there was no one who could make such a compact magnet system that could still play well. So we had to make it ourselves,” says Lars Worre.

According to the data sheet, the DALI Phantom K-60 LP can reproduce a frequency range of 52-26,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB). If you want bass in no space, you have to sacrifice efficiency; this is dictated by Hoffman’s Iron Law, a ” fundamental law ” for loudspeakers. Still, the K-60 LP has a reasonable sensitivity of 84 dB.

The DALI Phantom K-60 LP has a unit price of EUR 399 including VAT.

The DALI Phantom K-60 LP comes with a white front grille as standard, but black grilles are also available. (Photo: DALI)



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Sound in minimal volume

The DALI Phantom K-60 LP in-wall speakers require virtually no installation recess.

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