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Sony Bravia XR-75Z9J

Sony has been presenting a host of gorgeous TV screens to us video enthusiasts recently: the OLED flagship A90J is among the models that have impressed us the most so far. Now the turn has come for the Bravia Z9J, which is the best Sony can deliver on the LCD front this year. Z9J is …

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In the TV world, LG is undoubtedly best known for its OLED screens. The Korean manufacturer has spent billions developing and marketing OLED technology. But that does not mean that they have “forgotten” to further develop their LCD screens for that reason! LG’s very best LCD screens use so-called NanoCell technology to provide the best …

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Sony ZH8

Sony ZH8 (KD-75ZH8)

Sony ZH8 is the Japanese manufacturer’s rawest LCD TV for 2020. It is packed with advanced technology, including a state-of-the-art 8K resolution image panel, Sony’s own X1 Ultimate video processor, as well as extra speakers to ensure a sound experience outside the usual. In addition to the 75-inch we test here, there is also an …

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Samsung Q950TS

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV

A true flagship model should be a bit “over the top” both when it comes to design, specifications and technical performance. In addition, it should feel a little extra stinging in your wallet! And Samsung has not spared the gunpowder with the Q950TS, their new top model for 2020. The flagship Q950TS comes with all …

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Sony XH95 (KD-85XH9505)

Sony, alongside Panasonic, has a tradition of delivering the most accurate color reproduction right out of the box, virtually eliminating the need for calibration. I can reveal first and foremost, that this also applies to the huge 85-inch I have received for testing, the Sony XH95. The largest model in the best 2020 LCD series. …

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Samsung Q800T (QE75Q800T)

TV with 8K resolution has so far been an exotic curiosity for the most eager – and richest – tech nerds out there. Those who have been happy enough to shell out for an 8K TV have been fed up with unfinished standards, and sadly little access to real 8K content. What’s the point then, …

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LG C9 (OLED77C9)

If you want to be absolutely sure of getting a great picture in the TV room, just search for the largest OLED screen you can afford. LG makes all the OLED panels, so you will usually also find the nicest OLED prices on LG’s own TVs. This is no exception when the size reaches 77 …

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Samsung Q70R (QE82Q70R)

With the Q70R, Samsung offers direct LED taillights at a lower price point than before. In terms of design, we are up a notch from the Q60R, in that the TV cabinet has become a little thicker as a result of the LED backlight, but in return, the frame around the picture panel has become …

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In today’s TV world, you have to hit the big drum to stand out. Even fairly ordinary and “popular” TV screens have now got excellent picture quality, and even the largest 4K screens have fallen sharply in price: Yes, even a grandmother of 75 can afford a 75-inch if she wants. What does this mean …

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Panasonic TX-75GX942E

Panasonic TX-75 GX942E

Panasonic is not the giant TV producer they once were, but when it comes to picture quality, they are still a player to be reckoned with – to a very high degree! We recently tested the mid-range model GX800 which impressed with very gorgeous photos at an attractive price. Now is the time for the …

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Sony KD-85 ZG9

Extra large TV screens are in the wind, and Sony does not deny itself with its new flagship TV The Sony KD-85ZG9 for 2019. Sony Master Series ZG9 only comes in XL and XXL sizes. It starts at 85 “, and if you want to be sure to knock out the neighbor, it is available …

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Samsung QE75 Q950R QLED 8K

Forget 4K, now it’s 8K that counts if you want the coolest TV in the neighborhood. As the TV screens fill a larger part of the wall at home, it’s about having “enough pixels” to fill them with a crystal clear, seamless picture! Samsung conquered the market last year by being the first manufacturer to …

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Sony XG9505

Sony XG 9505 (KD-75XG9505)

Sony has always had a special position in the TV industry. The Japanese manufacturer has become a small putt compared to the Koreans LG and Samsung, but their TVs – especially some selected models – may lag behind the best. At the very end of 2018, we tested Sony’s new LCD flagship KD-75ZF9, which was …

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