Review: Apple MacBook Air 13 (2020) vs Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

Duel: MacBook Air vs. Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

Once upon a time, Apple's MacBook Air was the natural choice for an affordable and ultra-slim laptop. Is that still the case?

Published 25 October 2020 - 12:00 am
Apple MacBook Air 13 (2020) vs Samsung Galaxy Book Ion
Peter Gotschalk

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Are you looking for an excellent study machine – or a laptop that is equally suitable for home use and travel? Then Apple’s ultralight MacBook Air has long been the obvious choice.

But a new boy has arrived in the class. Samsung is in fact back on the market with laptops that are part of the Galaxy series. As is well known, it also includes mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches.

In other words, these are ultralight models for those in need of extra mobility, and among the new Galaxy laptops we have this time chosen to test the Samsung Galaxy Book Ion, which despite its light exterior still claims to be a powerful PC for those who do not want to compromise on performance.

Galaxy book Ion is therefore an obvious duel when the opponent is the latest edition of the aforementioned MacBook Air.

Apple’s slimmest laptop was once the first really thin laptop on the market, and although it has since been diligently copied by other manufacturers, the iconic design and reasonable price means that the MacBook Air is still the first choice for many who want a flyweight class laptop. .

And it definitely does not hurt that the MacBook Air has been upgraded several times in recent years so it can no longer be considered a distinct budget model.

Then the question is just: Who is on the podium when the championship in flyweight for laptops has been decided?

Products in this test

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

Weighed and found too light

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion looks promising on paper, but disappoints on a few key points. Especially the price taken into account.

Ultralight, and still many connection options. PowerShare via the machine's touchpad is a fun extra feature. Good battery life.
At this price, the performance is not overwhelming. The screen resolution is too low and the color reproduction is not natural enough. The sound is simply miserable.
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Apple MacBook Air 13 (2020)

Best value for money

Even though the Apple MacBook Air 13 is not quite as cheap as it has been, you still get a surprising amount for your money with Apple's slimmest laptop.

Retina display with True Tone, sleek design and quality from the top shelf as well as excellent sound.
Not overwhelmingly good battery life. Only two USB-C ports.
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No reason to pay more

Fastest MacBook Air ever

Elegant laptop for the creatives

Razer: Now, we mean business!

The safe choice

Monitor with surround image

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