Philips OLED935: New top model with 4-sided Ambilight

Philips new flagship TV comes in sizes from 48 to 65 inches, with sound from Bowers & Wilkins.

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Philips OLED935: New top model with 4-sided Ambilight

Philips has officially launched its new top TV for 2020. The new Philips OLED935 stands out with Philips’ well-known Ambilight lights, which radiate mood-creating colors on all four sides of the TV. In addition, the Philips monitor has an integrated soundbar mounted directly below the TV.

It was developed by the sound gurus at Bowers & Wilkins, with whom Philips has had a fruitful collaboration in recent years. Last but not least, this is an Android TV with lots of apps, including Disney +.

Kostas Vouzas, CEO of Philips TV & Sound / TP Vision presented OLED + 935 in a video stream to the press on 1 September.

Tight design with Ambilight on all sides

Philips is especially known for its patented Ambilight backlight that matches the action on the screen. The new top model has LEDs mounted on four sides. In addition, it can communicate with Philips Hue light bulbs, thus extending the mood lighting to the entire room if desired.

Philips is the only manufacturer to offer Ambilight, and the combination with the contrast-rich image quality from OLED can be a really nice sight: It is our experience after testing models such as OLED805 , and not least OLED984.

The very brain of OLED + 935 is the newly developed P5 AI Intelligent Dual Picture Engine, a video processor with AI technology, which analyzes and improves image reproduction according to all the rules of art.

The Philips screen supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 +, and is thus well prepared for modern HDR video and can display services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + at its best.

OLED935 does not seem to support HDMI 2.1, which will be a miss for those hoping to use the Philips TV with the upcoming game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Sony has, for example, announced that the Playstation 5 will have game graphics with up to 120 frames per second, which Philips does not seem to support.

Philips OLED935: Sound from B&W

Philips has a permanent partnership with Bowers & Wilkins who deliver the sound reproduction on their best TVs. The integrated sound board is mounted as part of the base for table mounting, but can also be used for wall mounting of the TV.

The sound system of the OLED935 is characterized by the characteristic titanium tweeter unit at the top. This is a solution we often see on B&W’s more expensive hi-fi speakers, which is popular because it reduces diffraction and distortion from the surrounding cabinet.

The speaker uses a 3.1.2 configuration with separate left / center / right channels in addition to additional Atmos channels facing the ceiling. The speaker unit itself is located in the front of the TV to create good enough clearance for the height effects to be reflected via the ceiling. The TV also has a subwoofer output, so that anyone who wants can upgrade with an active subwoofer of any brand. Maybe a compact B&W sub?

New screen size: 48 ″

Philips is following in the footsteps of LG and Sony by also introducing a 48 ″ version of the OLED935, in addition to the 55 ″ and 65 ″. The new 48OLED935 uses the same type of speaker system and four-sided Ambilight as the larger models. Thus, the stage is set for a hefty audio and video experience, also in a compact format!

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