CES 2023: Relumino – Samsung launches TV for the visually impaired

A new picture mode for Samsung TVs will make the screen easier to decipher for people with impaired vision.

Published 2023-01-10 - 11:35 am
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Samsung’s message at CES this year was about making consumers’ lives simpler, and “bringing peace to our connected world”. They’ve already been offering the vision-enhancing app Relumino for their VR glasses for a few years, and at CES 2023 they launched a similar finesse for their TVs.

Samsung Relumino Mode: custom picture mode for the visually impaired

As TVs become more advanced and the picture quality improves, the availability of exciting entertainment is almost endless. But not everyone benefits equally from all this: For a visually impaired person, it can be difficult to decipher details in dark images, or understand the action in scenes with dim lighting and low contrast.

Relumino Mode is a new picture mode from Samsung that is specially adapted for the visually impaired. When activated, this picture mode highlights contours, lines and colours, making the picture easier to interpret.

For a person with normal vision, it may resemble a cartoon-like filter, but for a person with impaired vision, this may be exactly what is needed to decipher and understand the action.

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Relumino Mode is coming to Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs later this year. 


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