CES 2024: TCL flexes with bendable OLED and 115 inch MiniLED TV

It's not just us northerners who love big TVs

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CES 2024: TCL flexes with bendable OLED and 115 inch MiniLED TV

Las Vegas / Sound & Vision: TCL has made a name for itself at home with big TVs you can pay for. The same strategy seems to be working on sports-loving Americans too,

In the world of TV, bigger is better when it comes to watching the Super Bowl with family and friends, which has helped make TCL a relatively popular brand in the US in a short space of time.

The Chinese manufacturer is one of the main sponsors of the National Football League (NFL), and during the CES 2024 press conference, they had well-known sports anchors on stage to comment on their latest achievements, and naturally, the new 115-inch got extra attention.

The TVs officially launching in the US this week had some rather odd and unfamiliar model names, but spec-wise they are largely similar to the European models launched at the IFA show last fall.

TCL 115″ in the QM891-series (X955) Photo: TCL

TCL 115″ QM891 (X955)

The top model from TCL, the QM891 (also known as the X955 in Europe) uses an LCD-based picture panel with Quantum Dot Pro color filter, 4K resolution and MiniLED backlight with local dimming. The 115-inch is said to be capable of 5000 nits brightness and has more than 20,000 dimming zones. Additional screen sizes such as 98 and 85 inches will also be available.

This model was also shown at the IFA trade show last fall, and it seems that TCL is serious about bringing this colossus to the market in both the US and Europe. It is also rumored that Elkjøp has plans to bring the model series to the Nordic region in the long term. If this is the case, it would be exciting to test the 115-inch at home!

Whether it will be in stores in time for this year’s Super Bowl (February 11) is highly uncertain, but it should be in time for this year’s European Football Championship in June…

TCL sponsors the American football league NFL (Photo: Audun Hage)

The price has not yet been confirmed, but it’s guaranteed to be in six figures – closer to twenty thousand dollars if we had to guess. But this is also a high-end big screen, in a slightly different league to what we’ve seen from TCL in the past.

The picture quality is obviously difficult to judge in a crowded exhibition hall, but the brightness and contrast are impressive – about as dazzling as the brightest billboards along the Strip in Las Vegas, and that’s saying something.

In addition to the X955 series, TCL showed a number of other exciting monitors in slightly smaller sizes, including a 31″ OLED PC display that can be bent into a concave shape. It’s made using advanced printing OLED technology (IJP) and looked really sharp.


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