CES 2024: LG unveils new OLED TVs

The new OLED TVs in the M4, G4 and C4 series are already official.

By / 4 January 2024 - 12:00 pm
CES 2024: LG unveils new OLED TVs

LG Electronics traditionally showcases this year’s TV news during CES 2024, but the South Koreans are known for being a little quick on the draw, so they’re unveiling the latest 2024 generation of their OLED TVs now – several days before kick-off.

The new M4, G4 and C4 series of OLED TVs are the successors to the respective 2023 model series. The screen size goes all the way up to 97 inches!

LG 2024 OLED TVs

The biggest news in 2024 is that LG is introducing a (supposedly) greatly improved video processor: The new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor has been developed by LG specifically for OLED TVs. It will be used in the top models LG SIGNATURE OLED M4 and LG OLED G4. Among other things, it promises a 70% improvement in graphics performance and 30% faster image processing compared to its predecessor α9.

Interesting features include upgraded upscaling, which uses precise pixel-level image analysis to sharpen objects and backgrounds. The processor uses machine learning/artificial intelligence to analyse and assess which objects to process and how – all for a clearer and more vivid viewing experience. The displays also feature Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, which fine-tunes brightness and contrast by analysing small variations in the image.

LG OLED M4. (Photo: LG Electronics)

LG Signature OLED M4, OLED G4 and C4

LG’s M4 wireless OLED TV is the flagship model in the Signature series for 2024 and is now available in a new screen size of 65 inches, in addition to 77, 83 and 97 inches. The Zero Connect Wireless Box wirelessly transmits audio/video to the displays without the need for an HDMI cable. The technology was first introduced on the M3 model last year.

Both the M4 and G4 models utilise LG’s MLA OLED panel with extra cooling and higher brightness. The more affordable C4 model (successor to the 2023 C3) still has to make do without MLA technology and uses the somewhat more basic α9 video processor. All models mentioned support HDMI 2.1 on all inputs.

The top models also feature AI Sound Pro, which can simulate up to 11.1.2 surround sound, while WOWCAST and WOW Orchestra provide wireless integration with LG’s new soundbars. The 2024 models also support the smart home standard Matter, as well as Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast.

Support for 4K/144Hz video signals

As previously announced, LG displays now support video formats up to 4K 144Hz, which will primarily appeal to hardcore gamers. LG’s OLED TVs have a solid reputation in the gaming world thanks to a host of features and benefits. These include the Game Optimizer menu option, where you can easily optimise for different game genres, and support for NVIDIA G-SYNC® and AMD FreeSync VRR.

New user interface: webOS 24.

LG also promises that the new webOS 24 user interface will give the user experience a significant boost. The latest version of webOS allows you to create up to 10 individual user profiles with customised settings, home screen and preferences – including your favourite picture settings. In some countries, the TV will even recognise the user’s voice and switch to the correct profile.

As previously announced, LG also promises to keep the user interface updated for the next five years. This upgrade will also apply to selected models from 2022 and 2023.

Empowered by a class-leading OLED TV and an impressive QNED line-up, LG continues to assert its dominance in the premium TV market with (…) an excellent range of content and services available on its webOS smart TV platform,” said Park Hyoung-sei, President of LG Home Entertainment.

LG’s 2024 OLED TV models will be showcased during CES 2024 next week. We look forward to taking a closer look at them in Las Vegas!

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