165-inch TV in a kinetic sculpture

If you have a strict aesthetic sense - and an insane amount of money with which to indulge it - the C Seed N1 can give you an "invisible" 165-inch TV in your living room.

written by / 2022-07-26 - 6:55 am
165-inch TV in a kinetic sculpture

Let’s just admit it: while you can argue that speakers look good in the living room, TVs are ugly! A big black square taking up a large part of the wall.

If you want to hide your huge TV while clearly demonstrating that you’re rolling in money, the C Seed N1 may be the name of your next TV.

The Porsche-designed TV appears as a low, modern metal sculpture in the living room when not in use. When the TV is switched on, the sculpture rises majestically from the floor and the screen unfolds. Although it approaches indecent spending, it’s impossible not to be a little fascinated by the fine mechanics.

C SEED N1 TV modern room pos1 C SEED N1 TV modern room pos2 C SEED N1 TV modern room pos3 C SEED N1 TV modern room pos4 C SEED N1 TV modern room pos5
C Seed N1 unfolds from sculpture to TV. (Photo: C Seed)

“We operate at the top end of the high end market. Many of our clients are art collectors. And they demand a visual quality that matches a highly refined interior,” says C Seeds director Alexander Swatek (at this price point, you don’t have customers, you have clients – ed)

C Seed N1 is available in 165″, 137″ and 103″ sizes. Prices start at EUR 180,000.


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