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First look at the new Apple Watch

We've got our hands on the Apple Watch series 4

apple watch intro
apple watch old and new

The old and new Apple Watch (Photo: LB Tech Reviews)

The new screen is 30% larger which makes it easier to make out the icons and read text. But above all you can squeeze in a lot more information on the watch face. A huge advantage for those who want to keep track of a lot of things at a glance. The digital crown now has haptic feedback, which makes it feel more precise and analogue than the old one. Very nice!

apple watch 40 and 44

The 40 and 44 mm models (Photo: LB Tech Reviews)

The increased screen size makes the smaller model feel a lot more useful. The microphone has been moved for better sound and the speaker is 50% louder. Quite useful for the new walkie-talkie feature in Watch OS 12.

apple watch back

The new sensors (Photo: LB Tech Reviews)

The back now has electric heart sensors. By putting your finger on the digital crown, the circuit is completed and you can take an ECG (Electrocardiogram). Unfortunately the app will only be available in the US, but let’s hope it will be released in other countries later. The sensors now also react to a dangerously slow heart rate and is better at detecting an irregular heart rhythm. The Watch can now detect a fall, and can automatically call emergency services if you don’t move after.

Apple watch steel

The stainless steel model (Photo: LB Tech Reviews)

apple watch gold

The gold stainless steel model (Photo: LB Tech Reviews)


Regardless if you’d like a discreet or flashy colored watch or armband there are many nice options. Personally I quite like the stainless steel one.

Here’s a rundown of some of the new watch faces where you can also see how much more information and short cuts you can fit.

Apple’s own demonstration of all the new features of the Apple Watch series 4.

Apple Watch series 4 will be for sale September 21 in many countries. The GPS model starts at $399 and the Cellular model at $499.

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We've got our hands on the Apple Watch series 4

We've got our hands on the Apple Watch series 4

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We've got our hands on the Apple Watch series 4

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We've got our hands on the Apple Watch series 4

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We've got our hands on the Apple Watch series 4


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