Wireless minis for music, movies and games

The Q Acoustics M20 promises HD quality audio over Bluetooth and via digital and analog inputs.

written by / 2021-08-20 - 7:41 am
Wireless minis for music, movies and games

Q Acoustics makes speakers in all price ranges, but most in the wallet-friendly segment. And their latest looks like a pretty accessible way to get good sound in the living room, at the gaming computer, or in the (mini) home theatre.

Q Acoustics M20 is an active speaker system with aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming of high definition audio. Despite its modest size and price, we are promised advanced driver technology and Q Acoustics’ Point-to-Point cabinet bracing.

The M20 has a built-in 2 x 20 W amplifier (the amplifier is built into one speaker, from which the other receives sound via a cable). The configuration is a 5″ midwoofer in a bass reflex enclosure and a 22 mm tweeter, which is acoustically disconnected from the cabinet to minimize vibrations.

There is a sensible selection of inputs and outputs on the M20. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, there are optical and USB digital inputs and analog inputs with RCA and minijack sockets. As well as a subwoofer output. With a switch, you can adjust the frequency response to location in a corner, against a wall or freely in the room.

Q Acoustics M20 can be purchased in August at a recommended price of £399.

With USB input, it is easy to use M20 for gaming. (Photo: Q Acoustics)

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