Sony SRS-XV500 party speaker

Party speaker with karaoke.

By / 1 February 2024 - 8:00 am
Sony SRS-XV500 party speaker

With the new party speaker from Sony, you can provide music for the party for a whole day, and sing along in a duet if so inclined.

The portable party speaker plays for 25 hours on a single charge. If the battery is exhausted, you only need to charge for 10 minutes to get 180 more minutes of music. The speaker is waterproof and can easily withstand rain.

Photo: Sony

Like almost all party speakers, it has colourful lights that flash in time with the music. The light show can be switched off, maximising the battery life of the speaker. Two large woofers combined with two tweeters deliver the sound.

You can connect two microphones and select the karaoke function on the speaker and sing along in a duet if you want. Or plug a guitar into one of the two inputs.

The microphones are connected under a panel on the back, and then you simply press play to get started. The sound can be adjusted with Echo and Key Control on the back. It’s not Autotune, but you can to some extent raise or lower the key of either the music or your singing in the attempt to bring the two closer together.

Photo: Sony

The Sony SRS-XV500 can be controlled with the Music Centre and Fiestable apps, setting the light show, and karaoke features such as Voice Changer, Echo, and adding sound effects.

The speaker is on sale in time for the first parties of spring, priced at €400.

Photo: Sony

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