Sonus Faber Heritage

Black marble and graphite grey paint.

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Sonus Faber Heritage

Perhaps the most iconic speaker Sonus faber has made, the Electa Amator, established the Italian manufacturer in the audiophile consciousness in earnest. Along with the smaller Minima Amator, and the far more expensive Extrema, it kick-started Sonus faber as a speaker manufacturer.

Since then, they’ve grown enormously, and now Sonus faber can be found all over the world, in most price ranges, in more models than we can remember.

Not so long ago, they relaunched the Electa Amator and Minima Amator in what they now call the Heritage series. Which also includes a speaker they haven’t made before, the floorstanding Maxima Amator.

Minima Amator II, Maxima Amator and Electa Amator III in a new graphite grey version. Photo Sonus faber

So far, the three speaker models have been available in a beautiful walnut brown colour, with white Carrara marble as the platform on both the stands, and Maxima Amator. Electa Amator III also comes with white Carrara marble as the base plate on the cabinet itself.

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Sonus faber Minima Amator II sounds as it looks, boundlessly beautiful.

Now they will soon be available in a more masculine version with a graphite grey cabinet finish and black marble instead of white. As you can see from the image above. Maxima Amator has previously been available with a black marble base, but here the marbling is more pronounced and forms a clearer contrast to the graphite grey cabinet.

Sonus faber has made no other changes to the Heritage series, which play just as beautifully as they did when we tested them a while back.

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