Sonos Move 2 gets a trim and stereo sound

Sonos' best portable speakers get stereo sound, better handling, and significantly longer battery life.

By / 12 September 2023 - 8:00 am
Sonos Move 2 gets a trim and stereo sound

When Sonos, previously known for multi-room audio and TV sound, suddenly showed us a portable speaker at IFA 2019, we were really surprised. It even turned out to be a powerful speaker with interesting features and a handy charging station. But it had a few quirks.

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We put perhaps the most hyped speaker of the year to the test. The Sonos Era 300 represents a new wave in 3D music playback, with sound that can induce everything from goosebumps to gag reflexes...

For example, you had to choose on the back whether to run via WiFi in a home environment or via Bluetooth in portable mode. When it launched, the battery life seemed okay, but since then it has been beaten by even smaller competitors. It has also become popular to have a stereo-like sound from a single speaker, as opposed to Move’s admittedly omnidirectional but mono sound.

Sonos Move 2

Now Sonos is releasing Move version 2, and they have not been idle. The most notable difference is that the new one has two angled tweeters to provide stereo sound. Something we hope will make for a more enjoyable music experience, even outdoors. They have also tuned the woofer for a better experience of heavier bass. As before, the speaker has automatic room correction, so it adapts the sound to where it is placed.

Since its launch in 2019, Move continues to be the best-selling speaker in its category thanks to its diversity and powerful sound,” says Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos. “We strive to create audio experiences that inspire deeper engagement, no matter who we’re hanging out with or where we are. Move 2 furthers our promise of immersive sound by bringing stereo sound to our most popular portable speaker with the same next-generation acoustics and design we introduced with the Era family.”

Photo: Sonos

Thankfully, despite the fact that the dimensions and weight are the same, we get a significantly better battery life. Where its predecessor had to make do with 10 hours, Move 2 should last up to 24 hours! And to top it off, there’s now also a USB-C connector from which you can charge your mobile phone.

You can now also freely use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as you wish, without having to worry about switching on a switch. You can also, as with the new Era speakers, use a USB-C adapter to connect audio sources with Aux.

Photo: Sonos

In addition to white and black, Move 2 is now also available in a green colour that looks great in the garden or on a picnic. It still has IP56 protection against dust and rain. It also has modernised connectivity options with Wi-Fi 6, both 2.4 and 5 GHz, and Bluetooth 5.

Price and availability

The Sonos Move 2 is available from 20 September for €499.

We’ll be back with a review before then, so keep an eye on our front page!


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