Rogers AB3a subwoofers – in stereo

Now you can have bass from a Rogers loudspeaker.

Published 2021-06-01 - 7:00 am

For those in the know, the Rogers LS3/5A is a legendary loudspeaker. Originally developed as a control monitor for voice recording and broadcasting at the BBC, it has been produced in countless editions since the 1970s.

Also by others than Rogers.

But it is Rogers who is considered the original, and the small monitor is made to this day, although not with exactly the same units as the original. But even though the ingredients have been modernised, the recipe is the same:

A 110 mm midwoofer with a Bextreme diaphragm, and a 19 mm tweeter with Mylar diaphragm, in a 12 mm thin-walled cabinet, which is 30 cm high.

The small 15 ohm speaker barely reaches down to 70-80 hz, before it rolls off in the bass, so the new AB3a subwoofer can be a welcome addition for the small speakers.

They come as a pair, and are adapted to LS3/5A, both electrically and physically. A 50 watt transistor amplifier drives two woofers in a closed cabinet, and you can adjust the crossover frequency, phase and gain on the back. Where you also find the two woofers.

From the front, the subwoofer looks like a speaker stand for a pair of LS3/5A, but with a pair of these you reach down to a respectable 40 Hz, an important  improvement from the range of the small speakers.

AB3a measures 60 cm in height, and it fits well with normal height for a pair of small speakers.

While the subs are basically only delivered lacquered black, they, like the loudspeakers themselves, can be purchased with wood veneer as desired.





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