Piega ACE 50 Wireless & Piega ACE 30 Wireless

Four wireless models in the ACE Wireless series in stereo or surround.

Published 2021-12-15 - 8:00 am

They’ve done it before, but back then we were not that excited. For the previous attempt to make the speakers wireless stranded on the fact that high-definition streaming was lacking. There was nothing wrong with the speakers themselves, but Bluetooth is not hi-fi.

Now it seems that Piega has taken the criticism to heart, and this time you do not need an extra box to connect proper audio sources.

The compact ACE Wireless series has replaced the cable terminals with inputs for the most part, both digital and analog, and with everything built in, you just have to find out where you want to place the speakers in the living room.

Ace-30-Wireless_back_SP_productshot-I-989x699 ace-wireless-rx-backpanel-view-freigestllt-1-989x929 ace-wireless-tx-backpanel-view-freigestllt-1-989x929
Piega ACE 30 Wireless. (Photo: Piega)

Piega has simply taken the compact speakers ACE 30 and the floor-standing ACE 50, and built everything into them. There is also a subwoofer and a center channel, which are also wireless, and you can connect several pairs of speakers in a 7.1 surround setup.

The speakers also support WISA, so you can connect them wirelessly to a WISA-compatible TV.

They have high-resolution audio support, Spotify Connect, Google Chromecast and Bluetooth built-in. But strangely not AirPlay 2. However, the speakers support Roon for those who want to combine the music streaming services in a better playback client, and the speakers also have HDMI with eARC for two-way communication with the TV in the living room.

Ace-50-Wireless-black_front-and-side-view-with-cover_weisserhintergrund-989x929 Ace-50-Wireless-white_front-and-side-view-with-cover_weisserhintergrund-989x929 Ace-50_silver_Front_Side_300dpi_weisserhintergrund_low-989x929
Piega ACE 50 Wireless. (Photo: Piega)

If you buy a pair of ACE 30 Wireless or ACE 50 Wireless, you get two identical speakers, but all the inputs are located on the back of the Tx version, while the Rx version is a receiver from Tx, which acts as a transmitter of the signal.

As you can see from the pictures, they also have RJ45 input for CAT cables if you want to connect the speakers to a wired network.

The small ACE 30 Wireless has a 12 cm MDS woofer from Piega and an AMT tweeter that we know from other speakers. The floor-standing ACE 50 Wireless has four 12 cm woofers, a 12 cm midrange, in addition to the AMT tweeter.

The ACE Wireless Center is equipped with the same AMT tweeter, but with two 12 cm woofers, and there is also a wireless subwoofer called the Sub Medium Rx, which can be connected to the speakers in a 2.1 or 7.1 setup.

(Photo: Piega)

The speakers are available in Piega’s signature color, anodised aluminum, or in black or white for a small surcharge. All the speakers in the ACE series are built in Switzerland.

Estimated prices:

ACE 30: £ 1,500
ACE Center Rx: £ 7500.
ACE 50: £ 3,000.
SUB Medium Rx: £ 1,350.

(Foto: Piega)


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