New Symfonisk table lamp speaker from IKEA and Sonos

The table lamp speaker in the Symfonisk series will be replaced by one where you can choose both the base and the lampshade.

Published 2021-10-05 - 7:11 am

The Symfonisk series are IKEA speakers made in collaboration with Sonos. They can be used with the Sonos app and can be included in a multi-room setup with other Sonos speakers.

The speakers connect to the home wireless network and can be used alone or with other Sonos products, including those from the Symfonisk Series. Alternatively, the Symfonisk speakers can also be used as rear speakers along with a Sonos soundbar. Eg. the all-new Sonos Beam (Gen 2).

The IKEA Symfonisk Series is controlled with the Sonos app and can also be used with Sonos speakers. (Photo: IKEA)

New Symfonisk table speaker

The Symfonisk series has various speaker models, including a table lamp with sound. It is the one that is now available in a new version.

The new Symfonisk table lamp speaker, which e.g. can be used on the bedside table or on the corner table in the living room, no longer has a foot and lampshade in the same box. Instead, the two are sold separately so customers can customize the lamp to their own needs.

You can choose between a black or a white version of the lamp base and two lampshades in different styles and colors: A textile shade or a glass shade, either black or white. This allows the lamp speaker to be better adapted to different people’s homes.

The new lamp also supports a wider range of bulbs thanks to an extra E26/E27 socket included with the lamp.

The lamp’s speaker has also been given a new waveguide, which is to spread the sound better and more evenly in the room. So you get as much sound as possible, no matter where you are in relation to the speaker.

Symfonisk table lamp speaker. (Photo: IKEA)

Price and availability

The new IKEA Symfonisk table speaker will be available during November. UK prices are not yet known, but the speaker/base will cost €129, while the lampshade costs €20 in textile and €30 in glass, respectively.


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