New Platinum 3G range from Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio celebrates 50 years and launches new flagship speakers.

Published 2022-10-04 - 7:50 am

Monitor Audio is not one of those manufacturers who renew their speakers just for the sake of it. And when something new comes along, it’s usually about important changes, not just a new colour or something. The new flagship Platinum 3G series is a perfect example!

The top-of-the-range series from the British manufacturer has been quite stable for a number of years, but the third generation has been given a complete redesign, in celebration of the British manufacturer’s 50th anniversary.

The new series consists of four models, and is said to be a feast for both eyes and ears. But Monitor Audio also has an extremely good reputation to uphold, both in terms of build quality and sound quality – based on previous tests of its predecessors


Monitor Audio Platinum 3G

The Platinum 3G series is suitable for both stereo and multi-channel sound systems, and consists of the Platinum 100 3G compact speaker, the Platinum 200 3G medium floorstanding speaker, and the Platinum 300 3G large floorstanding model. They are further joined by the Platinum 250 3G centre speaker.

MA_Platinum_100_Key_Ebony-989x668 MA_Platinum_200_Key_White-989x660 MA_Platinum_300_Key_Black-989x660
Monitor Audio Platinum 100 3G (Photo: Monitor Audio)

Upgraded speaker units

Among the most important new features of the Platinum 3G series is the specially developed MPD III tweeter. It was originally developed for the Concept 50 loudspeaker, which was demonstrated at the Munich high-end fair earlier this year. The distinctive tweeter uses a waveguide to control the dispersion of the tweeter frequencies, and is supposed to provide a significant improvement in both sensitivity and overall sound experience.

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Monitor Audio celebrates its 50th anniversary with a pair of speakers way out of the ordinary.

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A little further down – in the midrange and bass – the Platinum series uses a lightweight but super-strong three-layer driver (RDT III) made of carbon fibre and ceramic-coated aluminium. This is a variant Monitor Audio has had great success with in the past, and the new version features, among other things, optimised suspension and stronger Neodymium magnets, which should provide lower distortion. The manufacturer has also worked diligently with the crossovers to achieve a wide frequency response, as even a spread as possible, and at the same time optimal timing between the individual units.

Build quality seems promising with a curved faceplate that reduces diffraction and three luxurious finishes to choose from (Piano Ebony, Piano Black and Pure White Satin). Floor models come with solid feet that ensure good anchorage to the substrate.

The Platinum 200 3G and Platinum 300 3G floorstanding models are also both three-way models with dedicated midrange and bass units. Judging by the price range and specifications, these could probably be interesting contenders to the Nova series from Sonus Faber, among others!

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Out with the old reference speaker, in with Sonus faber Olympica Nova III.

Platinum 3G series, shown here in Ebony finish. (Photo: The manufacturer)


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