New active flagship model from DALI

Active wireless speakers do not have to be small. Rubicon 8 C is a high end floorstanding speaker that goes all the way.

By / 10 October 2021 - 8:19 am
New active flagship model from DALI

While active mid-range and economy-class speakers have become quite popular in recent years, the ambitious (and wildly expensive) high-end class is largely reserved for old-fashioned passive speakers.

Now, however, DALI has a bid with both a size and a price that will get noticed. DALI Rubicon 8 C is an active, wireless version of Rubicon 8, which we once named the best top-class speaker of the year.

The configuration is the same as on the passive version, with three 6.5″ midwoofers with wood fiber diaphragms and DALI’s hybrid tweeter with 29 mm textile dome and a ribbon. As all units have different but overlapping work areas, what DALI names a 2½ + ½ + ½ way system!

The active part consists of a 2 x 250 W class D amplifier, similar to the one used in Rubicon 6 C, which we tested last year. The results were very impressive.

Like DALI’s other active speakers, the Rubicon 8 C must be controlled via a Sound Hub that acts as a digital preamplifier and control center. The hub can control up to 10 speakers in a surround and/or multi-room system.

DALI Rubicon 8 C costs GBP 7,400 for a pair, including Sound Hub.


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