Lowther is back

The new Almira is Lowther's first speaker in 30 years.

By / 22 July 2022 - 12:19 pm
Lowther is back

We would hardly believe it until we saw it, but the pictures and the press release are so convincing that we choose to believe that Almira is indeed a new speaker from Lowther. If so, this is the first new model in 30 years.

Why has it taken so long? Lowther used to be known for its speakers with a single full-range unit as the base, preferably mounted in a large cabinet for maximum efficiency. In fact, a Lowther loudspeaker had such good sensitivity that it could easily be driven by a standard vacuum tube receiver, which might not produce more than 10 W of power.

Almira 14.jpg 1920x1080 2

The new Almira follows the same tried and tested recipe. A DX3 unit sits in a 120 x 30 x 33 cm cabinet with a 2.3 metre long horn loading, a so-called Voigt horn after Paul Voigt, who together with O.P. Lowther created Lowther-Voigt Radio in his day.

The partnership between Voigt and Lowther led, among other things, to speakers that look like Almira. According to Lowther’s new director Martin Thornton, Almira represents the past adapted to modern digital reproduction without sacrificing Lowther’s traditional values.

Almira 6.jpg 1920x1080 3

The speaker is handcrafted in Northampton, England, and customers can choose from a range of wood veneer options. Speakers always come in pairs and can be ordered on the Lowther website. The price is £12,000 for a pair.

Almira 17 4.jpg
Almira with the DX3 unit

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