Leak Sandwich 250 højttalere

Leak Audio is best remembered today for its amplifiers. But they were already making speakers in 1961. And now they've taken up the legacy.

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Leak Sandwich 250 højttalere

British Leak Audio is a company that has returned in recent times after many years of hibernation. The company’s roots date back to 1934.

We primarily know Leak for their amplifiers, but in the 1960s they made some then groundbreaking loudspeakers, the Leak Sandwich, where the woofer had a diaphragm made of two layers of aluminium foil around a polystyrene foam core.

The Leak Sandwich 250 is inspired by the classic Sandwich model, but with new materials – and designs that hark back to that era.

Leak Sandwich 250. (Graphics: Leak Audio)

Sandwich 250 is the top model in Leak’s new speaker series. It is a three-way design with an 11-inch woofer, 4.25″ midrange driver and a 1.2″ tweeter dome tweeter.

The speaker is of course based on Leak’s sandwich principle with a rigid aluminium “skin” on the cone, on top of a core of polymethacrylimide structural foam.

The cabinet is veneered with walnut. And the relatively large floorstanding speaker (66 x 37 x 30 cm) comes with specifically designed stands.

The Leak Sandwich 250 is priced at €2,399.

More info: Leak Audio

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