High-WAF Lyngdorf speakers

Lyngdorf has just launched three speakers: the Cue-100 is a designer model, and the CS-2 and D-60 are practically invisible.

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High-WAF Lyngdorf speakers

The Danish high-end manufacturer Lyngdorf is known for its highly exclusive products. But it usually takes a long time between new launches.

Now, however, there are three new loudspeakers at once. All at the interior-friendly end of the spectrum.

Most notable is the Lyngdorf Cue-100, which the manufacturer describes as a high-end design speaker. Judging by the image at the top, it’s a rather discreet and decor-friendly little affair in a design that most unhesitatingly call Nordic. The units are sourced from sister company Purifi, and consist of a 6.5″ midwoofer, two passive 6.5″ passive units and an AMT tweeter.

The speakers are available in 24 colour combinations – with different colours on the cabinet, front fabric and stands.

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In many rooms, the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 will work much better than other amplifiers. Thanks to RoomPerfect.

To be even more discreet and decor-friendly, the speakers can be hidden away in a cupboard or built into the wall. Which is exactly what Lyngdorf CS-2 og Lyngdorf D-60 are meant for respectively.

The Lyngdorf CS-2 is a compact two-way speaker designed to be hidden away in a stereo bench or bookshelf. The configuration consists of a 6.5″ midwoofer with aluminium diaphragm and a 1″ textile dome.

The Lyngdorf CS-2 can be stored away on a shelf (Photo: Lyngdorf Audio)

The Lyngdorf D-60 is a two-way in-wall speaker with two 7″ midwoofers and a 28mm dome tweeter.

The Lyngdorf D-60 is the company’s most compact in-wall speaker (Photo: Lyngdorf Audio)

Availability and price
The Lyngdorf Cue-100 and D-60 will be available from March. The CS-2 will be available in April. Pricing is not disclosed.




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