High-End 2023: Dali Epikore 11

Based on the flagship Kore.

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High-End 2023: Dali Epikore 11

The Dali Epikore 11 is so close to the recommendation we made in our review of the flagship Dali Kore, that it can hardly be a coincidence. At the time, we more than hinted at Dali making a smaller model, one that’s a little easier to get out of the boxes, easier to place, and not least cheaper.

With the Epikore 11, it seems our prayers have been answered.

The sleek anniversary model is a 4.5-way construction, most of which is well known from the Kore test. The drivers are made in the same way, with Dali’s SMC magnet system (SMC Gen-2), and a 35 mm tweeter dome in combination with a 55 x 10 mm ribbon tweeter.

The EVO-K module with dome and ribbon tweeter.

A 6.5-inch midrange with SMC Gen-2 sits below the EVO-K module, using a paper and wood fibre cone, with four 8-inch bass drivers positioned above and below on the curved front baffle.

Like Kore, the Epikore has adjustable feet on the underside, gold-plated brass terminals, and moulded front baffles.

IMG_0163 IMG_0162

The Epikore 11 will be available in three finishes (Gloss Black, High Gloss Maroon, High Gloss Walnut), and in stores in August this year, at 40,000 Euros for a pair. About half the price of the Kore.

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