Focal On Wall 300 speakers

The Focal On Wall 300 is barely thicker than the TV.

Published 2021-12-13 - 8:00 am

If you want better home theater sound than a soundbar can provide, separate speakers is the way to go. But if you do not want to give up so much space, a set of good wall-mount speakers can be a nice compromise.

At least that is the opinion of Focal, which has launched the On Wall 300 series, which can be used both in stereo and in a thoroughbred home cinema system.

The speakers are built to fit under or next to the TV – or a screen – and are only 90 mm deep.

(Photo: Focal)

Focal are realeasing two models in the On Wall 300 series, both of which are based on the manufacturer’s fine Aria series with 4-inch Flax midwoofers and Focal’s inverted Al/Mg tweeter. Which bodes well for sound quality.

The larger On Wall 302 is 125 cm tall and has four of Focal’s 4 inch Flax units along with the inverted tweeter, while the 80 cm tall On Wall 301 has two 4 inch units and the same type of tweeter.

The speakers, available in black or white, can also be hung horizontally (in which case the logo can be rotated 90 degrees) and used as a center speaker. As you can see from the pictures.

(Foto: Focal)

The larger 302 actually goes all the way down to 50 Hz in the bass, according to Focal, but we would probably consider a subwoofer for the speakers in any case. At least in a home theater setup.

The prices are stated per. piece and is GBP 999 for On Wall 301 and GBP 1,499 for On Wall 302. Floor stands for the speakers are also available, if you prefer that instead of wall mounting.

(Photo: Focal)


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