Here is Devialet's first soundbar

Here is Dione – the first soundbar from Devialet

Now the French high-end producer will also join the soundbar fun. Check out the price of Dione!

written by / 2022-03-29 - 8:32 am
Here is Dione – the first soundbar from Devialet

Devialet has impressed us several times with its compact Phantom speakers, which almost defy the physical promises in terms of sound pressure and bass for the size. So it was really only a matter of time before the French manufacturer got to grips with the popular soundboard segment! The Dione is the company’s first soundbar, and behind that modest appearance hides an arsenal of loudspeaker drivers!

Devialet Dione: Dolby Atmos 5.1.2, 17 speaker elements, 950 Watt and 101 dB sound pressure

At 120 x 16.5 x 7.7 centimetres, the Devialet Dione is a medium-sized soundbar, but the French engineers haven’t spared any expense. The Dione is equipped with no less than 17 drivers, eight of which are defined as sub-bass elements. The French producer therefore claims that the Dione should perform excellently without a separate subwoofer. In the middle sits a central tweeter/fullrange driver, which makes that Dione can both be hung on the wall or placed on a piece of furniture.

The soundbar supports Dolby Atmos (of course), and uses a 5.1.2 configuration with two dedicated high frequency channels. It can also upscale other audio formats and do virtual surround sound. It also uses a number of other patented Devialet techniques, including their own noise correction, to adapt the sound reproduction to the surroundings. There’s also plenty of amplification power – 950 watts RMS according to the specs. That should be enough to handle 101 desibel sound pressure levels, which is strong for a soundboard.

The Dione connects to TV audio via HDMI eARC, and also supports Bluetooth, Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect. It can also be controlled via the Devialet app and integrated into a larger multi-room system.

Devialet Dione HD flat Devialet Dione HD wall mounted
...or hung on the wall. (Photo: Devialet)

Price and availability

Devialet Dione will cost a hefty €2,190, making it an interesting challenger to other high-end soundplanks like Sennheiser Ambeo. The Dione is available for pre-order from and authorised dealers from today. The first deliveries will start in April.

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