Børresen X3 just sneaks under the magic limit

New entry-level model at a lower (OK, slightly less high!) price.

Published 2023-03-16 - 8:00 am

Sometimes you cover your eyes in fear and panic when Danish Børresen launches new loudspeakers. This is because the price tag is often high (sometimes very high) – but not this time.

The Børresen X3 is not exactly a budget speaker, but for a Børresen, it is still a rarely affordable floorstanding speaker.

Photo: Børresen

It is supposed to possess the same fantastic qualities as the more expensive models, only in a cheaper version. The speaker has Børresen’s X-drivers, and they claim that they have made an effort to ensure that the X3 will be a recognisable Børresen speaker for everyone who hears it. Therefore, much of the technology and philosophy behind the X3 is taken from Børresen’s more expensive speakers in the M, O and Z series.

BOERRESEN-X3-WHITE_BackSkewed_Outlets_Close_WBG-min BOERRESEN-X3-WHITE_Back_TopCarbon_Close_DBG-DESKTOP-min-989x556 BOERRESEN-X3-WHITE_FrontSkewedLow_Logo_Close_WBG-min
Photo: Børresen

X3’s diaphragms, for example, are a two-layer construction of carbon fibre and a layer of aramid with a beehive-shaped layer in between. The magnetic system that drives the voice coil and diaphragm uses two copper caps on the outer edges of the voice coil to achieve better magnetic flux and lower inductance.

Photo: Børresen

The slim speaker has a modified ribbon tweeter, which is crossed over at 2.5 kHz, and has a moving mass of just 0.01 grams. However, there has been a reduction in magnetic and iron mass, so it’s not quite as sensitive as Børresen’s more expensive tweeters; the stated sensitivity is 88dB compared to 94dB in the more expensive version.

Available in black or white piano lacquer, the cabinet is made from a wood composite that strengthens and stiffens the interior, and there are a whopping six bass reflex ports on the back.

The X3 is priced at 9,999.33 euros a pair, and they’re available in stores now.

Foto: Børresen


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