Børresen X1 compact loudspeaker

Two-way stand mount speaker at a favourable price.

By / 10 February 2024 - 9:32 am
Børresen X1 compact loudspeaker

Denmark is a small, flat country. But they have more loudspeaker manufacturers per capita than any other country. If this continues, Denmark – around the world – will probably become synonymous with Tivoli Gardens, Tuborg – and speakers.

They’re pretty good at loudspeakers, and we see it all the time in the test room at L&B Tech Reviews. Which may soon be visited by the Børresen X1 if all goes well.

Børresen is one of the youngest loudspeaker manufacturers. Although Michael Børresen has a long history in the industry, it is only recently that he launched speakers with his own name in the logo.

(Photo: Børresen)

So far, production has mostly centred around lavish high-end designs, but recently Børresen launched the X-series. It’s a more affordable series, but with much of the same technology as the more expensive speaker models.

The most affordable is the brand new Børresen X1, a small two-way model in the X-series with the same technological solutions as the floorstanding versions.

It has the same distinctive shape with three ports protruding from the narrow back.

The speakers feature a 4.5-inch Børresen bass combined with their X-series ribbon tweeter in a relatively compact cabinet that measures a narrow 20 cm in width.

(Photo: Børresen)

The height is listed at 42 cm and the speakers are actually 39 cm deep. A pair of stands are also available for the speakers, raising the whole thing to a height of 113 cm.

Børresen states that the frequency response is 50 Hz – 50 kHz, the sensitivity is a moderate 86 dB and the nominal impedance is 6 Ohm.

The X1 is also available in white, and the speakers will go on sale in March at a price of €5,000. An additional €1,000 will be added for a pair of stands.

(Photo: Børresen)

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