Børresen M1 project completed

The best Børresen has ever produced.

By / 11 July 2022 - 10:51 am
Børresen M1 project completed

The young Børresen Acoustics has recently become part of Audio Group Denmark, and the upcoming M1 compact speaker is the first product under the new corporate umbrella.

The compact M1 was of course started long before Audio Group came into the picture, and Michael Børresen himself describes the M1 as a dream project.

The speaker is their most ambitious speaker project to date, where the goal has been to get as much as possible out of a small speaker by not skimping on anything.

BoerresenM1 OnStand FrontsSkewed 2Speakers HalfTotal 2
Boerresen M1 On Stand

Here, Børresen and the team have taken from the top shelf of Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen themselves, and you’ll find familiar components from all three in the M1, which also features some unique components.

Take the woofer, for example, which has been given a 3D-printed zirconium basket to make it rigid yet vibration-free. It’s shaped to release energy unimpeded from Borresen’s most advanced diaphragm yet.

BasketUnit SideView 3
Basket Unit

It is composed of four laminated layers, two in carbon fibre, an intermediate layer with aramid in a honeycomb pattern and finally a titanium layer with Ansuz’s special Supreme coating.

In this way, Børresen has managed to move potential resonances away from the device’s working range, which extends up to 2500 Hz.

Crossover SideView 4
M1 crossover

The device’s magnet is completely iron-free, and the copper rings have been replaced with silver, which Børresen believes has much better conductivity. The metal components are also cryogenically treated to squeeze even more conductivity out of them, and ultimately better sound.

The crossover is relatively simple, with two Tesla coils – familiar from the Ansuz PowerBox with two inverted coils – sharing to Børresen’s ribbon tweeter. It has a diaphragm mass of an extremely low 0.01 grams and extends to 50 kHz.

StandDarkz Skewed 5
Stand Darkz Skewed

The Børresen M1 also features Ansuz Darkz Z2S decoupling feet in zirconia between the speakers and the specially designed stands. Together with the stand’s NBCM (Natural Based Composite Material), this more effectively dampens resonances and hysteresis.

The cabling inside is also Ansuz, Gold Signature, throughout the signal path.

The M1 is not on sale until October 2022. The price is 94,000 euros for a pair.

BoerresenM1 OnStand SideFrontSkewedLeft Total 6
Boerresen M1 On Stand

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