Big mouth: Here’s the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal

A proper "full frequency" centre speaker promises to give the movie sound a substantial boost.

By / 4 July 2023 - 8:00 am
Big mouth: Here’s the Dali Oberon Grand Vokal

Dali is already offering a small centre speaker in the popular Oberon series, but now they’re adding a larger model: Oberon Grand Vokal is designed specifically to match the Oberon 7 and Oberon 9 floorstanding speakers.

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Dali Oberon Grand Vokal

The centre speaker is arguably the most important speaker in a home cinema system, primarily because it has to reproduce the dialogue between the characters on the screen. But it should also recreate the sound of everything else you see on the screen, and tie it together with the front and surround channels. So the centre channel is not where you should save resources if you want to achieve a credible and coherent sound experience.

Dali knows this, as they seem to have put a lot of effort into the new centre speaker in the Oberon series. Grand Vokal uses familiar loudspeaker elements in the form of two 7-inch SMC-type woofers, which are known for their low distortion. Furthermore, a 29 mm Soft dome tweeter is used, which is familiar from the Oberon series. The frequency range goes down to 45 Hz, and Dali claims it will deliver crystal clear dialogues and sound effects – “regardless of volume”!

dalioberongrandvokbk_o_1 Oberon tweeter DALI LEAD
In terms of design, Oberon Grand Vokal has a classic look that matches the rest of the Oberon range, with a finish in either black ash or dark walnut. It is designed to be placed above or below the TV screen (Photo: DALI)


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