Beosound A9 and Beosound 2 future-proofed

New generation of Beosound home speakers.

By / 18 March 2023 - 8:00 am
Beosound A9 and Beosound 2 future-proofed

They have been on the market for quite some time, Beosound A9 and Beosound 2, which have now been updated with support for the Mozart software platform. Behind the familiar and highly musical name is an interchangeable module that both the new Beosound A9 and Beosound 2 are equipped with.

The new module is designed to future-proof the speakers and can be replaced with a newer one when more features, more connectivity or new streaming technology becomes a reality.

Beosound A9, 5th generation and Beosound 2, 3rd generation (Photo: B&O)

Michael Henriksson, Bang & Olufsen’s Vice President of Product Marketing, welcomes the update:

“Today we are celebrating that two of our most popular home speakers are now ready for the future. Timeless design is not just about creating products that are built to last. It’s also about creating a design that people will be fascinated by and proud to own for decades to come. With this new launch, we’re ensuring that two of our most popular speakers can be passed down for generations.”

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 2 and Beosound A9 are available in several colours, Black Anthracite, Gold Tone and Natural Aluminium.

Beosound A9 5th Gen. 0026 Beosound A9 5th Gen. 0020 Beosound A9 5th Gen. 0019 Beosound A9 5th Gen. 0017

Beosound A9 was first launched as far back as 2012, and Danish Øivind Slaatto’s iconic design has definitely stood the test of time, looking as Scandinavian cool as ever.

Volume is controlled by running a hand over the edge of the speaker, and a single tap is enough to skip a track, play or pause the music.

Beosound A9, 5th generation. (Photo: B&O)

The Mozart software module is also included in the third-generation Beosound 2. It also features Bang & Olufsen’s Active Room Compensation, which adapts the sound to the position in the room.

The cone-shaped speaker features B&O’s dispersion lens tweeter on top with 360-degree dispersion for a wider soundstage in the room.

Beosound 2, 3rd generation. (Photo: B&O)

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