Audiovector R Series in-wall speakers

R Series speakers for in-wall, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted applications.

Published 2022-07-13 - 1:50 pm

For many, speakers on the floor are not practical, nor is it even possible in some rooms. That’s why speakers are available for in-wall or in-ceiling installation.

They are usually not very expensive and tend to have relatively simple speaker units mounted on a frame, which is mounted in the opening in the wall and covered with a paintable front.

A nice compromise when you want sound in a room.

But not everyone is equally keen on compromises. That’s why you can also find quite expensive in-wall speakers.

inwall white grille 2
InWall white

Danish Audiovector is among the few that make in-wall speakers in the high-end class. Fewer compromises should result in much better sound, even if the speakers are built into the wall or ceiling.

Audivector has recently updated the R series, and now it’s the turn of the in-wall speakers.

2022 frontpage inwall 1920x960 3
R Series InWall

The speakers come in two variants, one for in-wall mounting and one for wall mounting. The two variants are available in three versions: Signature, Avantgarde and the top-of-the-range Arreté.

They are all three-way speakers with bass reflex port in front, and the main difference between Signature and Avantgarde is the latter’s AMT ribbon tweeter as shown in the picture above.

lnwall gallery 1920x1063 4
lnWall gallery

The more expensive Arreté version also features an Arreté version of the same AMT driver, which extends to 50,000 Hz, Nanopore damping on the inside and cryogen-treated copper structure cabling.

The speakers measure 43 x 23 x 8.9 cm and are available in black or white with matching fabric front, but they can also be supplied in special colours to order.

thumbnail inwall restaurant 5
R Series InWall in a restaurant environment.


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