Next smartphone from LG gets T-display (LG Wing)

written by / 2020-09-07 - 2:36 pm
Next smartphone from LG gets T-display (LG Wing)

Foldable smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Huawei Mate Xs are old news. If it is to be completely new and innovative, the dual screen must be able to be shaped like a “T”.

At least that is what Korean LG thinks, as in a week’s time it is expected to launch the top mobile LG Wing, which will come with two separate screens placed in layers on top of each other. Thus, the top screen can be rotated 90 degrees so that the two screens together form the aforementioned “T”. The principle is illustrated in this video, which LG already released last week to tease the launch of the new smartphone.


LG’s smartphones are generally not available in Denmark, but it is still interesting to follow what the other Korean electronics giant is doing. Samsung’s legacy enemy has for many years been at the forefront when it comes to display innovation. Thus, LG has also often been a leader when it comes to display technology on the TV front. For example. LG already showed at CES 2019 the world’s first folding OLED TV, the Signature OLED65R9, with a screen that can be tucked away when not in use.

The LG Wing is also the first shot at the trunk in a new series of smartphones from LG under the name Explorer. The special project aims to “discover new ways to interact with mobile devices … and challenge existing user standards,” LG said of the upcoming smartphone, according to The Verge.

Det T-formede display skal give helt nye betjeningsmuligheder.

According to the American tech media, the LG Wing comes with 5G, triple camera (with a primary sensor of 64 MP) and a processor from the Snapdragon 7 series.

The launch of the LG Wing can be followed here on September 14th.

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