Motorola x Android One

This Android One smartphone gives you the Android experience you love, three years of security updates and lets you do more with a smart camera thanks to Google Lens.

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Motorola x Android One

Press release Motorola

We’ve added a new smartphone to the Motorola family – motorola one. This Android One smartphone gives you the Android experience you love, three years of security updates and lets you do more with a smart camera thanks to Google Lens. That’s just the beginning, because with your favorite moto experiences included, this smartphone is ready for you.

Android One: Smart, Secure, and Simply Amazing

We’re giving you the latest software and AI-powered innovations from Google, right out of the box. Android One gives you a smart, secure and simple device.

Smart: Recognize text, look up recipes, translate words, browse your favorite outfits and more with the powerful Google Lens integrated into your camera. Plus, get unlimited high resolution photo storage in the cloud with Google Photos. Make calls, search for answers, and start watching videos on YouTube, using your voice thanks to the Google Assistant.

Secure: With Android One, motorola one receives two updates to the latest AndroidTM OS, and offers a peace of mind with Google Play Protect and monthly security patch updates, guaranteed to be received for three years.1

Simply Amazing: Ditch the pre loaded apps for only the essential Android OS and moto experiences. Have access to the latest software innovations and a phone that runs smoothly, giving you more storage space and more control over your personal smartphone experience.

The motorola one family will also be among the first to upgrade to Android™ 9 Pie (Android P), soon after launch.

motorola one

A modern, curved glass body frames motorola one’s expansive 5.9” HD + 19:9 Max Vision display. It’s the perfect size to channel your inner director and record your 4K videos, fit more on the page to read your favorite book, or take notes and multitask more easily with a split screen. And do all of this while using one hand.

Capture life’s unexpected moments with motorola one’s advanced 13MP dual smart camera system and 8MP selfie camera. Always have that breathtaking sunset to look back on or highlight last night’s festivities to elevate your Instagram with a photo using our portrait, cinemagraph, and time-lapse modes. And with AI- powered Google Lens, you can interact with the world around you just by pointing your camera. Take a photo of a dog walking down the street and Google will find what breed it is.

Having peace of mind when it comes to battery life has never been easier. Get up to a full day of battery on a single charge. Longer battery life means fewer missed rideshares and no need to worry about losing your GPS directions when you’re out and about. When your battery is low, charge up quickly with our TurboPower charger for up to 6 hours of power in 20 minutes.2

The phone’s Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 625 2.0 GHz octa-core processor keeps your device performing at peak speeds so it responds instantly to every tap, touch and swipe.

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