Marantz Model 40n integrated amplifier with streaming

Marantz Model 40n – just add speakers

We've been waiting for this one, and the Model 40n is finally here.

Published 2022-02-16 - 9:00 am

The very nice model series that Marantz released six months ago, is one of the best looking we have had on the test bench. There’s not much bad to say about the sound either, and the integrated Model 30 and SACD player SACD 30n, are some of the most appealing we’ve listened to in the premium class.

However, curiously, the integrated Model 30 was a pure analogue preamplifier, albeit with Hypex amplifier modules, and if you want digital inputs or streaming, you’ll have to buy the SACD player.

This is not for everyone, since not everyone who needs streaming also has CDs.

But with the Model 40n the problem is solved.

model40n Black u n StudioL 02

It’s highly wireless, and you can stream wirelessly via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Apple AirPlay 2, and yes, it has multiple digital inputs including USB with up to 192kHz/24 bit, in addition to analogue. Among them a turntable input for MM pickups.

model40n black EU StudioB 02
model40n bak

It even has HDMI with audio return – ARC – so that you can connect the TV sound via the amplifier, which has 2 x 70 W power for a pair of capable speakers.

Marantz Perfect Partners MODEL40n Silver In situ 608
Marantz + B&W

The amplifier has HEOS built-in and can support voice control via Siri, Alexa and Google.

Marantz Model40n HiFi Silver In situ 002 Marantz Perfect Partners MODEL40n Silver In situ 900 model40n Black Guts3
Marantz Perfect Partners MODEL40n Silver

Model 40n is in stores during March, in black or silver gold, as the bright color is called, priced at 2499 Euro.



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