Soon you can buy a little green Harley-Davidson

The Serial 1 electric bike is "Powered by Harley-Davidson" and is also a tribute to the company's first motorcycle from 1903.

By / 6 August 2021 - 7:00 am
Soon you can buy a little green Harley-Davidson

The first real motorcycle from the legendary Harley-Davidson reportedly saw the light of day way back in 1903 under the name Model One. It was a prototype that could run 35 miles per hour. The motorcycle was mass-produced in the period 1905-1906 and appeared i.a. with classic bicycle saddle and wide, white bicycle tires.

And it is precisely this über-classic design that has been the source of inspiration for Serial 1, Harley-Davidson’s new electric bicycle for adults, which Harley presented last autumn. Both the white tires, the distinctive saddle and the black frame are reminiscent of the American company’s first ride.

(Photo: Serial 1)

The electric bike has been available in the US market for some months. But now they are on their way to the European market. So if you have already heard about the Serial1 bikes and have considered how you can get your hands on a copy, then there is now hope ahead.

The Serial 1 bikes will now be available on the European market. You will be able to buy Serial 1 from your local Harley-Davidson dealer around the various European countries, including Denmark. According to

(Photo: Serial 1)

“The dynamic, fast-growing electric bike market is the start of a global mobility revolution. By offering Serial 1 electric bikes to retailers across Europe, Harley-Davidson can play an important role in this mobility revolution,” said Aaron Frank, Brand Director for Serial 1.

Models and prices

Serial 1 is available in four different variations. However, they are all intended for urban traffic and all have four center motors from German Brose. Performance ranges from the MOSH/CTY input model with a 529 Wh battery on board and a range of 35 to 105 miles to the RUSH/CTY pedelec with a 706 Wh battery and a range of 35 to 115 miles.

(Photo: Serial 1)

Prices start from EUR 3,499 for the cheapest model, MOSH/CTY.

RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU costs from EUR 4,599, while the most expensive RUSH/CTY can be purchased for EUR 4,699. The top speed for all models is 15 mph.

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