The Premiere: Samsung launches 4K laser projector for home theater

Samsung's new cinema projectors can stand neatly against the wall, and can give an image up to 130 inches!

written by / 2020-09-02 - 10:54 am
The Premiere: Samsung launches 4K laser projector for home theater

During the Life Unstoppable virtual press conference, Samsung unveiled its autumn news. Including some exciting things for home theater fans: The new home theater projectors LSP7T and LSP9T!

Samsungs nye ultra short throw projektorer kan projisere et stort bilde rett opp på veggen foran. (Foto: Samsung)

4K laser projectors

Samsung LSP7T and LSP9T will both support 4K resolution, but it is currently unclear whether they use a real 4K image chip or a “pixel-changing” variant a la Epson’s home cinema projectors.

The new projectors are of the type «Ultra Short Throw, made for placement near the wall in front. The LSP7T can project an image up to 120 inches, while the top model LSP9T can handle an image up to 130 inches. Both projectors use a laser-based light source, where the LSP9T can handle up to 2800 ANSI lumens brightness. It is also certified for HDR10 + video footage, and supports the neutral Filmmaker Mode picture mode, known from some TV models.

Samsung describes the new projectors as “smart projectors”: they are equipped with the user interface Tizen, which we know from the manufacturer’s TV models. This means an efficient remote control and a wide range of apps, built into the projector’s menu system.

The new projectors will also have built-in speakers, but we reckon that most people will prefer to connect a separate surround system or an Atmos soundbar, for example.

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