Vivid Audio challenges physics with the Kaya S12

Kaya S12 is the biggest little news from high-end manufacturer Vivid Audio.

Published 2020-10-05 - 6:36 pm

Vivid Audio wants to revolutionize the speaker market with the Kaya S12. By forcing more out of a 12 liter cabinet than anyone has previously achieved. The speakers weigh only 6 kilos per. pieces, and they are crammed with technology and innovation. The special look is not just for the sake of sight, the cabinets are made to give world-class sound.

Kaya S12 has the same speaker elements as its larger siblings, including the floor-standing Kaya 90 , which the undersigned had some tearful experiences of in the new year.

Technology from the Giya series

Vivid Audio’s Kaya series borrows technology from the much more expensive flagship series, Giya. But the S12 is something very special in that respect, since there is no compact model in the Giya series. Here, Vivid Audio has really had to go back to the drawing board.

Technological solution

To absorb resonances, the tweeter element sits at the end of an exponentially tapered tube, which goes backwards, through the cabinet. If one were to use one for the intermediate bass element in addition, it would have to be longer than what the cabinet size allows. But with several years of research and calculations with advanced mathematics, it has been possible to construct an asymmetric absorbent , which has the same function as a narrowed tube. Namely, to destroy vibrations that may occur, and which «all other two-way speakers suffer from».

Detailed and transparent

Vivid Audio promises us that the Kaya S12 delivers a detailed, transparent sound. And if our experiences from big brother Kaya 90 are something to go by, then we will believe that this is also true for Kaya S12.

The small 12-liter should do excellently on its own as a stereo pair, or what about home cinema?

More info:

Facts – Vivid Audio Kaya S12

  • Configuration: 2-way
  • Cabinet material : RIMCast Polyurethane
  • Treble: 26 mm metal alloy with tapered tube
  • Midrange bass: 100 mm metal alloy
  • Bass reflex: Exponentially narrowed tube
  • Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83V RMS, 1m)
  • Impedans: 8 Ohm (5,3 ohm minimum)
  • Frequency response: 45 – 25,000 Hz (-6dB)
  • Measurements: 400 mm (H) x 237 mm (B) x 254 mm (D)
  • Weight: 6 kg pcs.
  • Farger: Piano Black, Pearl White, Matte Oyster, Matte Borasco Grey, Shiny Green

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