UE expands speaker family with Epicboom

Logitech-owned UE expands its popular Boom series with a mid-sized model.

By / 21 September 2023 - 8:00 am
UE expands speaker family with Epicboom

The UE Boom family of portable Bluetooth speakers has earned plenty of praise for their great sound over the years. Now Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears is expanding the family again.

We’ve already seen Hyperboom, Megaboom and even Wonderboom; some even in multiple editions. So what should the baby be called? The new member has been given the most optimistic name yet: EU Epicboom!

Behind the incredible name is a portable speaker weighing just under two kilograms and standing 23.5 cm tall. It is equipped with two 1.5″ tweeters and a single 4.6″ woofer.

The speaker plays in mono, but spreads the sound 360 degrees around it. The frequency range is stated to be 50 – 20,000 Hz without any petty distinction to tolerance. On the other hand, it is stated that the frequency balance is adjusted according to location using the built-in microphone.

UE Epicboom isn’t just waterproof. It can float on water while playing. (Photo: UE)

The UE Epicboom is claimed to be able to deliver a sound pressure level of 94 dB in normal mode and 96 dB (C-weighted) in outdoor mode, which cuts down on bass and treble – which can’t be properly reproduced in the open anyway – focusing on intelligibility.

What matters for portable speakers, however, is endurance and robustness. And UE Epicboom has that. According to the manufacturer, the speaker can play for up to 17 hours (though not at full power) and is IP67 rated, meaning it’s not only water resistant, but can actually play while floating on the surface of the swimming pool!

Owners of other UE-Boom models can join the party. (Photo: UE)

If you meet other Boom owners, most models can be connected wirelessly to play in unison via the Boom app.

UE Epicboom costs €380.

Pairing can be done with NFC and Bluetooth 5.2. (Photo: UE)

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