Philips JS30 Georg Jensen – Design speakers from Philips

written by / 2020-10-01 - 6:23 pm
Philips JS30 Georg Jensen – Design speakers from Philips

Philips has joined forces with the design company Georg Jensen and the textile manufacturer Kvadrat for a series of different and sharply designed electronics products. It has so far become a powerbank and two Bluetooth wireless speakers. Philips has previously also worked with Georg Jensen on the design of one of the company’s TVs.

Philips JS30

The speaker is available in two versions, with battery times of six hours and 20 hours on a single charge, respectively.

The top plate is in polished steel and the rest is covered with speaker fabric in a wool blend that should let the sound pass unhindered through. There is a built-in microphone so you can make hands-free calls. Finally, two Georg Jensen speakers can be paired to get stereo sound.

On the powerbank, the clothing is not wool fabric, but sustainable leather from Scottish Muirhead.

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