Dynaudio Emit

Affordable speaker series with five models.

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Dynaudio Emit

They do not only make seryously good and seriously expensive speakers at Dynaudio. Just look here. With prices starting well below £1,000 per pair, the new Emit series will be exciting alternatives to Dali and Bowers & Wilkins in the same price range.

The speakers are of course developed in Denmark, with Dynaudio’s advanced Jupiter measurement technology, but for the first time the elements are not produced at Dynaudio, but by an external manufacturer.

dynaudio emit 50_midrange_01 dynaudio emit_tweeter_01

The tweeter Dynaudio has got from the Evoke series, and all models in the Emit series use the same 28 mm Cerotar tweeter with AirFlow magnet, and swivel coil in aluminum. Just like on the high-end tweeter Esotar3.

The midrange and woofers are, as usual, made of MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragms, which are glued to swivel coils with copper wires, and have two ferrite-ceramic magnets on the back.

The speakers have specially developed crossovers, and it varies whether they are first-, second- or fourth-order crossovers, with the speaker models.

The smallest in the series is the Emit 10, which is a compact two-way model, only 29 cm high, with a first-order crossover, 85 dB sensitivity, and a 14 cm bass that reaches 64 Hz.

Next is the slightly larger Emit 20 which is 37 cm high, where the sensitivity is stated at 86 dB, and where the larger 18 cm woofers extends to 53 Hz.

The next two are floor-standing speakers, Emit 30 and Emit 50. Where the 90 cm high Emit 30 uses two 14 cm woofers that reach 44 Hz, Emit 50 uses two 18 cm woofers, and a 15 cm midrange in a three-way design.

The sensitivity of the Emit 30 is 87 dB and they reach down to 44 hz, while the 114 cm high Emit 50 has 86 dB sensitivity, and reaches down to 33 hz. Or 28 hz at -6 dB.

There is also a center speaker with two 14 cm midwooefers and the Cerotar tweeter, called Emit 25C, which, like the other models, can be delivered in matt white or black lacquer, or upholstered in walnut veneer with black fronts.

And finally, here are the approx. prices:

Emit 10: £7700 per set

Emit 20: £1000 per set

Emit 30: £1500 per set

Emit 50: £2100 per set

Emit C25: £700 each

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