Audiovector launches new high-end speakers on September 1st.

Published 2020-08-18 - 7:07 pm

It’s only a week since we could tell that Audiovector has a brand new series of speakers underway. The R6 series replaces the SR6 series, and the three models are based on much of the technology from the flagship R11 and the slightly smaller R8.

The R6 series lies between the floor-standing R8 and R3 – which we recently tested in the Arreté version, and has a new isobaric bass system with two bass elements inside the cabinet, better speaker elements with the clever AMT band treble we know from the test of the R1 Arreté and R3 Arreté.

The special treble element uses a folded diaphragm and powerful neodymium magnets in the Arreté and Avantgarde versions, while the R6 Signature uses an R Evotech treble with a woven silk diaphragm.

All three have an 8- and a 6.5-inch bassi bottom of the speaker and inside, while only the Arreté version has the 4.5-way system with an extra 3-inch midrange at the rear, and Freedom which is a wired grounding that reduces noise 0g improves the focus and depth of the music.

The R6 series will be available in September in matt Italian walnut veneer, lacquered African rosewood, black and white piano lacquer, and the speakers are available in other colors on request.

Prices are stated at NOK 300,000 for R6 Arreté, NOK 215,000 for R6 Avantgarde and NOK 175,000 for R6 Signature. All prices are per couple.


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