Canon EOS C70 has 4K/120p and RF mount

Becomes Canon's cheapest pro video camera

By / 24 September 2020 - 4:41 pm
Canon EOS C70 has 4K/120p and RF mount

You can see on the EOS C70 that it is akin to Canon’s new R-Series with mirrorless full-frame cameras. But the shutter button is missing on the C70. It has been replaced by a red start / stop button, which clearly indicates that this is a pure camcorder. It can not take still images at all, but you can pick images from the video stream in 8.8 Mp resolution.

The camcorder has the same bayonet mount as the R cameras, 0g can use all RF lenses but autofocus and everything. The camera is relatively compact and lacks a viewfinder, but has a swivel touch screen.

It also has a Cinema 4K DCI image chip in Super 35 format with 17: 9 aspect ratio, and then we realize that we are at APS-C level, and not full format here.

The C70 also has Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus, which in our experience works flawlessly on video recording. It also has Dual Gain Output that increases the dynamic range in up to 4K / 60p resolution, by reading the information from the pixels with two different gain levels, and Canon claims it can provide a dynamic range in excess of 16 steps. The heat must be kept in check with internal fan cooling.

It can also record video in 2K / 120 or 180p, it has internal storage of 10-bit 4: 2: 2 Long GOP recordings on SD card, it supports All-Intra, Intra-Frame, XF-AVC and h .265 video codecs. The camera can also record video in vertical format.

There is no mechanical stabilizer, instead the camera uses an electronic stabilization on shooting, which gives a small 1.2x crop.

The C70 also has a 10-step ND filter in selectable steps, as well as C-Log2 / C-Log3, PQ, HLG-gamma that provides higher dynamic range – HDR, it has 13 programmable buttons, dual card slots, and two mini XLR connectors for microphones, and it uses Canon video batteries located on the outside of the camera.

You can also use Canon’s huge range of EF lenses, with a Canon Mount Adapter called the EF-EOS R, which has a 0.71x crop that acts as a speed booster, where the lens’ focal length angle is preserved – and where the aperture scale is shifted in favor of one step better brightness.

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