Wireless surround sound from DALI

DALI gathers its wireless speakers under the name DALI Equi. And at the same time, the system is expanded to wireless surround sound via an HDMI module.

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Wireless surround sound from DALI

We have on numerous occasions written about DALI’s wireless speakers and also tested several of them. But so far they have all been stereo models. Now DALI is expanding with wireless surround sound in up to 7.1 channels.

This is in the form of a plug-in extension to the Sound Hub, which is the system’s digital equvalent to a preamplifier. An HDMI plug-in card allows setup with more than two channels. In optional steps all the way up to 7.1 surround.

For instance, it also opens up the possibility of making a 3.1 system with wireless subwoofer. For this purpose comes the DALI WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver), which is a wireless adapter that can be used with all wired, active subwoofers to connect them to the wireless system.

DALI WSR is a wireless adapter that allows you to use active subwoofers with the DALI Equi system. (Photo: DALI)

Would you rather use the extra channels for multi-room, rather than multi-channel home cinema, the BluOS NPM-2i expansion module gives access to multi-room light with Bluesound streaming and AirPlay 2.

The DALI NPM-2 plug-in provides access to music streaming and multi-room. (Photo DALI)


On the same occasion, all DALI’s wireless speakers have been given a common name, DALI Equi. The Rubicon C, Callisto C and Oberon C series are still going strong. But the name shows that they are one family that can be combined according to desire and need.

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