Tangent Ampster TV II: When the soundbar doesn’t sound good enough

A new lease of life for your speakers: With Ampster TV II, Tangent combines traditional hi-fi with modern TV life.

By / 12 November 2023 - 8:00 am
Tangent Ampster TV II: When the soundbar doesn’t sound good enough

Many people have long since relegated their old-fashioned speakers to the ceiling or closet in favour of a soundbar. But perhaps the new amplifier from Danish company Tangent, Ampster TV II, will change your mind.

Tangent Ampster TV II front
Photo: Tangent Audio

Because while most soundbars provide much better sound than you get from your TV’s built-in sound system, just as many soundbars fall short when it comes to reproducing music in stereo. Lots of bad bass doesn’t suit music, and the stereo perspective from a soundbar is also narrow. Unless you implement surround sound, which often creates completely new kinds of problems with music.

Ampster TV II – an amplifier for the TV

One solution to the problem is a stereo amplifier with HDMI input, of which there are incredibly few and most are expensive. This is where hi-fi manufacturer Tangent comes to the rescue with the very affordable Ampster TV II amplifier.

And the name is no coincidence, because on the back you’ll only find an HDMI input and a subwoofer output. In addition to speaker outputs, of course. No other connections are possible, apart from Bluetooth wireless.

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Tangent's small wireless amplifier is perfect for the small beginner system in the hobby room or in the children's room.

For the record, as far as we know, there has never been an Ampster TV I, II figure is just to make the product fit in with other products in the current product range.

Tangent Ampster TV II rear cropped Tangent Ampster TV II rear
Photo: Tangent Audio

HDMI ARC and Bluetooth

With a minimalistic design and user-friendly features, the Tangent Ampster TV II takes on soundbars. Instead of forcing us to buy new active speakers, the amplifier allows us to ‘reuse’ the passive speakers we already have (and which Tangent also offers, such as the Spectrum X4 pictured). Ampster TV II has HDMI connectivity with ARC, which means it pulls audio from one of the TV’s HDMI inputs.

A connected TV can control the amplifier’s volume and also switch it on and off automatically.

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We mentioned Bluetooth, and if Bluetooth 5.0 with enhanced aptX HD audio is used and the mobile phone is connected wirelessly, the amplifier can automatically wake up from standby mode.

Subwoofer output

The power output is 2 x 50 watts into 4 ohms, which should give most soundbars a run for their money when it comes to sound levels; if you need more bass, you can use the subwoofer output. Plug in a good quality small (or large) subwoofer and you’re unlikely to want a soundbar again. However, we won’t be sure until we’ve tested the little bugger.

Tangent Ampster TV II lifestyle 3
Photo: Tangent Audio

Tangent Ampster TV II: Price and availability

The Tangent Ampster TV II costs just €201 and is available now.

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