Complete retro-style system

Ruark R810 music system

Stereo system with streaming and HDMI input.

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Ruark R810 music system

You get pretty much everything you need in the Ruark R810. It’s a streaming music system that supports both Tidal and Spotify Connect and can be controlled with AirPlay 2 for iPhone users.

The style is unmistakably retro, reminiscent of the walnut or rosewood radio cabinets of yesteryear.

But the Ruark R810 is far more modern, with a 32-bit DAC from Burr Brown inside, a 10 cm colour screen on the front and audio inputs on the back.

(Photo: Ruark)

There is an input for TV audio with HDMI eARC, an analogue stereo input with RCA, Toslink digital and a turntable input for MM pickup.

The system also supports Google Chromecast, and both Qobuz and Deezer users can stream music with the Ruark system.

(Foto: Ruark)

The total power output is 180 W, which supplies music to two 30 mm tweeters and two 10 cm midrange speakers. Deep bass is provided by a 20 cm subwoofer.

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The Ruark speakers are both small and versatile, but will come to the most important things shortly.

The system, which also supports UPnP, can be controlled from an app on your mobile phone or with a rechargeable RotoDial Bluetooth remote control.

DAB/DAB+, internet radio and FM radio are integrated, and you can choose to stream music over the network or via Bluetooth 5.1 aptX.

(Foto: Ruark)

The Ruark R810 has a handmade front grill and is available in walnut wood or grey lacquer with walnut grill.

The price is listed at .

(Foto: Ruark)

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