Rotel Diamond Series with Michi DNA

Rotel celebrates its anniversary with a powerful amplifier and a CD player with DAC.

Published 2022-06-29 - 9:48 am

Japanese Rotel celebrates its 60th anniversary and releases two interesting products, which they call Rotel Diamond Series (cf. diamond wedding, we think). Namely the RA-6000 integrated amplifier and the DT-6000 DAC Transport, which is a CD player with digital inputs and outputs.

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A lot less expensive than you would think.

Michi X3 lifestyle(2)

Rotel says that the amplifier is based on technology that we know from the Michi series, which are Rotel’s high-end amplifiers. That bodes well, because we’ve had nothing but good experiences with Michi amplifiers.

rotel ra 6000 diamond series 2 x 200 w class ab avec dac ti 384 khz 32 bits et compatibilite mqa 0656193
Rotel Diamond Series RA-6000. (Photo: Rotel)

For the RA-6000, that means hand-wound transformers and 200 watts into 8 ohms and 350 watts into 4 ohms. Which should be plenty for even the most heavily driven speakers.

The amplifier, weighing a massive 19 kilos, has both analogue and digital inputs. It doesn’t have streaming via Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth with aptX HD, which supports AAC, among other things.

Rotel RA6000 innvendig 989x692 1 Rotel RA6000 bak 989x470 1
Rotel RA6000 interior (Photo: Rotel)

Rotel says it can handle high-resolution formats like MQA, but of course it doesn’t work with Bluetooth. Then you either have to connect to the amp via one of the three optical or coaxial inputs, or the USB input on the back.

The RA-6000 also has turntable input for MM pickup.

image 2048x1536 1
Rotel Diamond Series DAC Transport DT-6000. (Photo: Rotel)

The DT-6000 DAC Transport CD player also supports MQA and has asynchronous USB input in addition to optical and coaxial. The player’s eight-channel ESS Sabre ES9028PRO DAC can handle PCM audio formats up to 32 bit/384 kHz.

As you can see in the picture below, it has both unbalanced and balanced XLR outputs.

The Rotel components should be ready during July. Prices are quoted at €4,500 for the amplifier and €2,300 for the CD player.

Rotel DT6000 bak
Rotel DT-6000 rear. (Photo: Rotel)


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