New versions of Linn LP12

Linn Selekt LP12 and Majik LP12 get new tonearms and pickups.

Published 2022-07-12 - 8:00 am

For a long time it existed in only one version. Admittedly, it could be fitted with a better arm and pickup, but the Linn Sondek LP12 was still basically only available in one version. Later, Linn introduced new components, such as better bearings, stiffer bottom plate and a better power supply, which also became popular upgrades for owners of older LP12 turntables.

Today, you’re met with a rich menu where you can put together an LP12 with the parts you want and can afford. A fully loaded LP12 with everything from the top shelf will quickly approach 20,000 euros. Which is called Linn Klimax LP12 and represents the very best Linn has to offer in turntables.

Fortunately, there are LP12 editions for other budgets, and the entry-level Majik LP12 could save you in the region of € 15,000.

Linn Selekt LP12
Linn Selekt LP12. (Photo: Linn)

Between Klimax and Majik, Akurate LP12 has been for many years a more expensive version of Majik, but still far below the price level of Klimax LP12. Akurate is now replaced by the new Selekt LP12, shown here in grey lacquer.

The gramophone is equipped with the new Linn Arko tonearm, as seen in the picture, a Kendo MC pickup and Linn’s new Karousel bearing, which rests on a Kore subchassis. It also comes with Lingo IV motor control and power supply, and can be ordered in several colour variants.


Linn Selekt LP12
Linn Selekt LP12 with Arko tonearm and Kendo MC pickup. (Photo: Linn)

Linn Selekt LP12

The Sondek cabinet, which consists of plinth and top panel, is available in walnut, cherry, black ash, light oak or rosewood. But also in an optional colour from quite a wide colour palette.

The Akito arm, familiar from the Akurate LP12 test, is thus replaced by the new Arko arm, made of 7075 aluminium with a headshell milled from the same material and mounted on a cold extruded arm tube. Which has a gimbal suspension with a stainless steel counterweight.

Linn Arko
Linn Arko. (Photo: Linn)

Linn Kendo

The new Kendo cartridge is also made of 7075 aluminium and features a boron needle arm, copper-spun coils and 0.45 mV output voltage. Linn lists the mass as 7.6 grams, the tracking weight as 2 grams, and it must be loaded with 100 ohms

Linn Kendo
Linn Kendo. (Photo: Linn)

Linn Majik LP12

The cheaper Majik LP12 also comes in an updated version. With the same Krane tonearm that replaced the Jelco arm. Linn used until 2020, but now it’s available with an Adikt MM or the new Koil MC pickup.

The turntable, which will be called either Majik LP12 MM or LP12 MC, still has the Majik LP12 power supply, Carousel bearings and Majik subchassis with Solid Base.

Linn Koil
Linn Koil MC. (Photo: Linn)


Linn Majik LP12 and Selekt LP12 will have moderate price adjustments compared to the outgoing versions of Majik LP12 and Akurate LP12. The prices for the individual components are as follows:

  • Arko tonearm: 3,000 euros
  • Kendo MC pickup: 2,800 euros
  • Krane tonearm: 1,350 euro
  • Koil MC pickup: 800 euro


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