High-End 2023: JBL Classic

JBL's Classic series is being improved.

written by / 2023-05-22 - 8:00 am
High-End 2023: JBL Classic

Invisible to the naked eye, JBL has actually given the Classic range an overhaul. The heavily retro-inspired speakers are not randomly designed. They’re based on previous classics from JBL’s speaker range.

Hence the Classic name.

The largest of them, the L100 Classic, was recently introduced in black piano lacquer, as was the smaller two-way model, the L82 Classic. They quietly got some upgrades from the versions we tested, and now the same is happening with the walnut versions and the cool Quadrex grills.

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A pair of speakers like these is the easiest way to great sound.

JBL says they’ve overhauled the crossover, changing both components and its design. It’s better matched to the drivers, which have also been improved. With the changed driver design and improvements in suspension, diaphragms and tuning, they should perform better than their predecessors.

I think JBL is true to its word. The pair of L100 Classic II I listened to sounded open and balanced, with really great dynamics especially in the bass. Promising, you could say, and considering that there wasn’t much wrong with its predecessor, we can only look forward to the new versions.

The two wireless models in the P series were also on display. The smaller one we have already tested, the larger 43293P has everything the smaller one has. Only with far more bass range and a much bigger soundstage.

All photos by Lasse Svendsen

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