High-End 2022 Audiovector QR7

A bigger and tougher loudspeaker for big rooms, and bass-lovers.

written by / 2022-05-20 - 8:00 am
High-End 2022 Audiovector QR7

The more sensibly priced QR series from Audiovector took us by storm, one of them even became L&B’s Speaker of the Year, and now a bigger model in the same series is being released. QR7 is the name, and it looks like a floorstanding QR5, just with bigger woofers and a bigger cabinet.

The new model doesn’t just move up in size, with a price tag of € 5,750, it also comes closer to Audiovector’s R3, but also the Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2 Signature, and Technics SB-G90M2.

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Audiovector QR7 with AMT tweeter. Photo by Lasse Svendsen

Similar to its smaller siblings, this one also uses an Air Motion Transformer, a kind of ribbon tweeter with a diaphragm folded like an accordion, but this time combined with a 6-inch aluminium midrange, and two 8-inch woofers with a sandwich diaphragm. With aluminium on the outside.

The speaker, with a reported sensitivity of a welcome 90.5 dB, is 104 cm high, 40 cm deep, but just 25 cm wide. The cabinet is available in black or white lacquer, or dark walnut veneer. Scandinavian wood veneers, such as light beech, are not available for the QR series.

The loudspeaker is already on its way to the stores, and a few are on their way in to us for testing, so the interested should keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

For here is a speaker that apparently likes Radka Toneff as much as Rammstein, because I can already reveal that it delivers a physical sound combined with the necessary finesse and refinement that can make the QR7 a successful all-round speaker.

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QR7 in dark walnut. Photo by Lasse Svendsen

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