HiFiMAN launches two affordable headphone amplifiers with DAC

The HiFiMAN EF500 and EF499 have built-in DACs and will drive your headphones with precision.

By / 14 February 2024 - 8:00 am
HiFiMAN launches two affordable headphone amplifiers with DAC

HiFiMAN is primarily known for their high-class planar magnetic headphones, but now they’re expanding into electronics. Specifically, two new DAC/amplifier combinations in the form of the EF500 and EF499. Stationary yet compact amplifiers for your headphones. Designed to enhance your listening experience without emptying your wallet.

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HiFiMAN EF500: Improved precision

The HiFiMAN EF500 features a so-called Hymalaya LE R-2R digital converter, which means it’s a very simple design with only two resistors. We are promised an accurate conversion of the digital signal. The technology is designed to minimise self-noise and distortion, ensuring excellent clarity and musicality.

The Hymalaya LE R2R DAC features a new algorithm and high-precision resistors, which together provide a low harmonic distortion of only 0.0025% (-8dB), resulting in a clean and detailed reproduction of the sound. That’s what we’re promised.

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HiFiMAN Arya have now got Stealth magnets, which are supposedly completely "transparent" and eliminate any sign of distortion.

(Photo: HiFiMAN)

EF499: Warm and rich sound

For those who prefer a warmer sound signature, the EF499 is an exciting alternative. It’s also of the R-2R type, but with Philips architecture. Which is supposedly known for its rich and full-bodied sound.

Common features

The EF500 and EF499 both have both balanced and unbalanced outputs, making them compatible with a wide range of headphones and speakers. Their compact size takes up little desk space and should fit into any modern environment.

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HiFiMAN EF500 and EF400: Price and availability

With a price tag of respectively $459 and $299 HiFiMAN EF500 and EF499 are affordable choices, and they both promise exceptional value for money. They are available now via the HiFiMAN online store. Remember to specify 110 or 220 volts.

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